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It's not about the run, it's all about the fun


Inflatable arches that mark the Start and Finish of the Fun Run. Great to hire if you are organizing a Fun Run, Walk a thon, Cross Country events etc. Dimensions are 6m wide x 4m long x 4m high


You don’t need a helmet to get through the Crash Course, but that doesn’t mean it won’t test your physical ability! At just under 120-foot-long, you will need plenty of stamina and strength to dodge and push through hanging obstacles from start to finish, while also trying to make your way up and down the obstacle’s peaks and valleys.


Don’t let the big balls wreck your run. This mammoth obstacle is almost 100 foot long and will push you to your limits, but don’t be afraid to push back. Break your way through to the other side, and try not to get demolished along the way.


Forget the warped wall from Ninja Warrior.  We have our own 25-foot Ninja Wall to test your strength and agility.  This wall takes the course to the next level. Make you way up the steep climb if you can. If not, you do have 2 smaller options too.


There is no jumping over this Obstacle, you will need to climb up the wall and hold on tight until you get to the other side. Then you need to do it all over again, precision and strength is what you will need to conquer this 50-foot obstacle.


Duck, weave, bounce, climb and slide, through this 85-foot obstacle.  Race your friends up the peaks, down the valleys, weave through the maze and crawl out the tunnel at the end.  ‘Just do it’ will test your skills and your stamina, but don’t overdo it as you need some energy to do this all over again!


Hands down one of the craziest obstacles you’ll ever experience, Jump Around is the largest inflatable of its kind – just over 50 foot of crazy, bouncy, fun! Once you get on it, all you’ll want to do is jump up, jump around and get down!


Make one wrong step and you’ll be laying down laughing on this mattress! The Mattress Run challenges your balance and agility as you make your way across a huge 50-foot mattress filled with Holes that you need to weave your way around.


After surviving the Inflatables, this is your chance to try and recuperate. The hurdles are one of the easier Obstacles to get through and with a height 40cm, friendly for all ages and you can run or just walk over and try and get your breath back for the next Obstacle


Another fun Obstacle to try and get through. The crawling net is challenging but not as difficult as some of the Obstacles that you will have already been through. This is your chance to get on your hands and knees and do the Commando Crawl that you see in the movies!

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